Friday, April 10, 2009

The Epic Flight East

My dear friends Nicole, Andrea, Brandon and Zoe wished me off in Fort Collins on Thursday evening when I flew out of Denver. After 4 flights and 16 hours later, I arrived today in the Bangor, Maine airport. I was met by my ride, sweet Sal, who even had a sign "Yates" as we had never met before. Sal and I drove away from Bangor with no baggage as the airline lost my luggage. When we arrived in Bar Harbor the bike shop had not yet finished putting my bike together. Sal took me to my couchsurfing hosts house, Lynn and Colin with only my purse and sleeping bag in hand. The airline folks are supposed to bring my bags by this evening and Joe the bike mechanic said he should be arriving at the shop by 6am to have my bike ready to go in the morning. Let's hope tomorrow bring a smooth day free of rain and freezing weather for my first official bike day!


  1. Brooke,
    Let me know if you're coming through mid Michigan, I will find you! I'm not sure I can ride a bike at this point, but I can run at a fast enough speed! :)

    Many graces, keep in touch and I'll see you in August,


  2. Good luck Brooke! I'll be following your blog. 16 hours?? You realize it took you longer to get to Maine than it took me to get from LA to New Zealand last month? Wishing you great weather, have an AMAZING adventure and see you in Utah next February.

    I know it's not on your current itinerary but should you happen to find yourself anywhere near Toronto, please get in touch 'cuz I'd love to ride with you.


  3. Brook,
    What an exciting time! My spirit's with you all the way! I hope your luggage finds you in time, and everything goes well for you. And it will...just breathe in the present moment and let the miles flow by!

    And remember if you're ever in need of my input on anything, I'm just a call away!

    All the best,

  4. Good Luck Brook, Think of me when you reach Harlem Montana. I have family that i am sure will notice you passing through.

    I've got your seat reserved for the next night of Poker :)

    happy biking!!!

  5. Hi Brook,
    Safe travels! Say hi to Maine for me :)
    Peace, Sarah D.

  6. Happy Easter!

    I hope it's not snowing on you like it is here.

    Stay warm, stay strong, stay healthy, have fun!!!


  7. Yikes, I'm so sorry to hear you stuff got lost and the bike wasn't ready, let's hope that's the worst thing that happens on the trip.

    Wishing you the best, may the sun shine on your face, may the wind be at your back. G_d speed.

    Buen Viaje!