Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 9 - Long Lake to Boonville, NY

Mileage of the day: 74
Total mileage to date: 517
I woke with next to no motivation or enthusiasm for riding - I was not thrilled by the thought of riding in the rain. The thick fog and chill in the air did not heighten my excitement when I stepped outside. One hour into my ride the sun peered through the fog and it turned into the most gorgeous day! The 72 mile day I was dreading turned into 72 miles in the sun, no wind, birds chirping, frogs singing sweet songs and trails that followed flowing rivers. The riding was also large part downhill It was an uneventful day on the road and I arrived in the booming metropolis of Boonville greeted by my couch surfing host Dan. After meeting all of Dan's visiting friends and family members we strolled to town for some yummy Chinese and came home to some much deserved ice cream!
Random thought that may only be interesting to me: several times on my trip I have heard a very loud clanging noise from up above. I always thought it was a human but I never saw a human. I was thrilled today when I hear the clanking and quickly looked up to see a woodpecker pecking away at a metal box on a phone pole....mystery solved!
Scary thought of the day: I was chased down by a rottweiler today. All I have to say is I am so very thankful I was on a bicycle heading downhill avoiding what could have been some nasty teeth.


  1. least you weren't carrying a saddle bag full of raw meat, fun chewable toys, and extra body parts for a herd of wild rottweilers to come hunt you down.

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