Thursday, April 30, 2009

A quick story - The bagged hand

This story is dedicated to a certain Angee Streeter as it relates to the hand in a mitten. Several days ago during the rain I put grocery plastic bags over my gloved hands and placed a rubber band around my wrists to secure my expensive waterproofing technique. As I was riding along the 100th car honked at me and out of my impulsive rage I gave them the bird (sorry Mom). I, however, think the message might not have been clearly communicated because all that anyone could see was a white plastic bag covered hand. Lesson learned - plastic bags = good water protection and plastic bags = inability to flip someone off. It is probably for the better anyway.


  1. It must be because we ride bicycles like Europeans or Asians that everyone is out of work in the midwest?!?!?

    Sorry... I have no other explanation for the animosity toward cyclists.

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  3. Thanks, Brooke for the dedication! For your next trip, we'll have to get you a portable finger to use just for these purposes.

    You're in my thoughts and I'm so proud of your progress and perseverance! May you stay warm and dry and surrounded by good people for the rest of your adventure.