Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 5 - Conway, NH - Thetford Cener, VT

Mileage of the day: 81
Total mileage to date: 292
Today was a huge physical day - I hit my high record of 81 miles and I went over two significant passes (east coast standard of course). About one hour into my ride I was on a high; sunny, no wind and I was baffled that not one car had past in nearly the entire hour. I soon realized the reason when I approached a closed gate with a road full of snow...hmmm...what to do? I walked about 1/4 of a mile through the snow to find pavement clear of snow and then enjoyed many more miles of no traffic since the road was closed. As I started up the first big pass a moose darted in front of me and posed for a photo opportunity. At the top of the pass I saw a sad sight of a man feeding Cheetos to a fox - some people just don't get it! On the way down from the pass I hit my trip record speed of 42 MPH. New Hampshire is gorgeous - especially through the White Mountains. As I approached mile 80 for the day I crossed over the amazing Conneticut River into Vermont, which means I basically rode across New Hampshire in one day. My hosts for the evening, Jennifer and Dave, are friends from Ski For Light. My timing in impeccable as I pulled in just in time for the dinner party. They are a beautiful couple and have offered me lots of fuel for tomorrows ride which I am very thankful for! I must rest now as tomorrow will be another physically tough day through the mountains of Vermont.


  1. Just checkin' in. I still have to do the math for time, distance and speed to figure if we'll arrive in one of the large, long, northern states at some point on your trip. I'm trackin' with ya. (Ed Kenlon sends.)

  2. Ah gosh, I wish I was with you! What an amazing adventure you are having! My thoughts are with you!! Janey xx

  3. Munchkin, What a long day. Just like when you were 5 downhill skiiing. Daddy lets go fast. Rmember the snow was soft the road is hard. Good moose story. Lov ya, Daddy I blooged the wrong day so this is a repeat.