Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 1 - Bar Harbor to Belfast, Maine

Miles of the day: 74
Miles to date: 74
Written as if April 11th:
I awoke to the sight of snowflakes flying about outside seriously questioning my sanity. My bag safely arrived the night before at midnight and now I only needed my bike. Bar Harbor Bike shop was amazing and they gave the bike some good treatment. Finally after some serious delays my bike dipped its tires in the ocean and I began on journey at 10:30am as what I thought would be a 60 mile day. After 8 hours of rolling hills, amazing views of endless bodies and passages of water, closed up summer tourists towns filled with ice cream, antique and doll shops I arrived in Belfast after biking 74 miles. Although the day was cold day and my fingers and toes pretty much had no feeling all day, I was grateful for the absence of any significant wind or precipitation. After grabbing my dinner at a local co-op I finally arrived at my host's, Donna, house. We had a great night chatting and I must share the house was most unusual but brilliant in the same breathe. Her house had a permanent RV/trailer inside the home providing the kitchen, bedroom, toilet and other amenities. The only trouble throughout the day was pain in my knee that I hope soon finds its way out of my body! I fell peacefully asleep on her couch by the wood burning stove - it was a good first day.

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