Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 15 - Buffalo, NY to Cleveland, OH

Total mileage for the day on bike: 0
Total mileage for the day in the car: LOTS
Total mileage on bike to date: 703
I had such a wonderful day today even though I never hopped on the saddle once. I walked to a lovely cafe for a yummy tofu scramble breakfast enjoyed walking around in the sunshine in downtown Buffalo. My VERY good friend, Glenn Beachy, picked me up at 11:00 for our day together. We drove around Buffalo taking care of some important errands and then made our way west. We stopped at the Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA for a nice walk on the Lake (which really seemed more like a beach). Our bellies were talking to us so we cruised down the main street and found a cute Jamaican restaraunt. When we walked in they were in their 5th hour of business ever - it was their first night of business! It was delisciously spiced yummy food and the owners were filled with love and warmth. We made our way towards Cleveland and ended the night with some hard apple cider and ice cream. I had such a good time with Glenn and I am ever so grateful that I had a day off of the knees and Glenn caught me up on some miles that I had fallen behind on.

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  1. Love the Liberty Frog impersonation! Yer only missing the nose grafitti!