Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 11 - Pulaski to Wolcott, NY

Mileage of the day: 52
Total mileage to date: 617
Today was supposed to be my first day with two cycling friends (one of whom has a visual impairment) but the rain prediction deterred their travel. I took a lazy morning and rolled out around 10:00 for an uneventful cycling day with pretty darn good weather. I pulled into the town of Wolcott, NY and set myself up in the Wolcott Hotel which was generously donated by Rick and Ken who were planning to be here with me. Some folks (Ross, Kim, Don and Marj - picture to be posted soon) from the Wolcott Lion's Club picked me up and took me to a yummy seafood dinner on the bay next to Lake Ontario. After dinner Don and Marj had us over for homemade chocolate cake, ice cream and some quality entertainment from Don on the synthesizer.
I already miss the beautiful mountains as today I discovered the not so interesting parts of New York. Tomorrow will take me 65 miles to Rochester. I am off to ice the legs and get some deserved rest.
I would also like to comment that even with my poor sense of direction in the 617 miles I have only added a total of 7 miles by taking a wrong turn many days ago. I am very proud of myself.
An additional random comment - I went to a bike shop several days ago and the owner said in the 14 years of owning the bike shop I was the earliest rider heading west than she has seen before. I am not sure if that is something to write home about, but it does make me feel a little hardcore!!!!


  1. Lady...you rock! And your ass will be a rock after this too! Do you have good music out there? If so, your song for the day is U2's Hallelujah Here She Comes.