Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Story of the Bike Trip

On April 9th I will be embarking on a 70 day journey that will take me from the east coast to the west coast on my bicycle. I am planning to use this website to keep my personal journal and a way for those who are interested to keep up with my adventures.

While no one plans to ride the entire 4,321 miles with me, there are several people who may join me from time to time. In alignment with my life mission statement: "to travel the world and empower people with visual impairments" I have created a goal. In each state I would like to ride with one blind person for at least one day.

The route I am taking is a northern route from Bar Harbor, Maine to Anacortes Washington.

If anyone is interested in hosting me or joining me for any portion of the trip please contact me,


  1. Sunshine, I will be following you every step of the way. Only wish I could be there in person! What an adventure!!
    Love you. Janey xx

  2. Brook - I was at your Mom's this past Saturday and she was telling me all about you! What an inspiration! Good luck on your adventure!! Winky

  3. OMG! It's finally here for you. I will be with you on your journey.
    I hope this journey is full of adventure and thrills ( as long as it is safe thrills)
    Your friend back home - Brenda

  4. Hi Brook,
    Ross from the O&M list here. I really like your way of getting your certification as a TVI. I was wondering what your specific route is across the country. You wouldn't be going through Central New York State would you? If so, you might think of including traveling the very bike friendly trail that runs along much of the Erie canal.

  5. Brook! Love you, girl. You're awesome! I will be following you here. You know if you need anything along the way, I'd come flying...:)

  6. And.... yer off!!! I'm there with you in spirit! Be safe and have a lot of fun!!


  7. Hey Brook, I am so proud of you and your adventurous spirit. Enjoy your youth and good health and your teaching ambitions. You are making a difference in lots of people's lives. Be careful, you know I had to say that. Love you!
    Robbie C.

  8. Kick butt! Just watch Lewis & Clark the Ken Burns movie last night...hey look at you a modern day Lewis & Clark. Good luck finding the northern passage to the west coast.

    PS. Just an fyi based on the movie, those little hills out west may take more than a half day to get over.

  9. Munchkin,
    I hope you have a warmer afternoon.
    Lov ya, Daddy