Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 4 - Norway, ME to Conway, NH

Mileage for the day: 40
Total mileage to date: 211
I had the most amazing cycling day in the whole world! I completed my first state and crossed into New Hampshire today. The sun shined all day, very little traffic, no wind, beautiful windy roads through forests, rivers, lakes and streams. It is amazing how quickly I can ride when the wind is not present. I realize now I should give myself more credit for tackling 44 miles yesterday in the crazy wind. I thought the picture of the Fryeburg was funny because when I read the sign I thought to myself, Fryeburg this way and "No! Fryeburg this way - on second thought it was probably funny because of my delirium. A funny thing happened, my beet salad sitting in the same back as my passport leaked beet juice onto some pages of my passport. I am sure I will be looked at with serious scrutiny in the future with officials. I am proud to say that I am staying with Becky, who is the mother of the Casey who created couchsurfing.com - this is a huge day! She is also a natropathic doctor and she gave me a test and I learned my blood type - who knew the things I would learn on this bike trip. I must get rest as I have an 80 mile day tomorrow with a serious pass to conquer - wish me luck!

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  1. Munchkin, What a long day. Just like when you were 5 downhill skiiing. Daddy lets go fast. Rmember the snow was soft the road is hard. Good moose story. Lov ya, Daddy