Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 8 - Ticonderoga to Long Lake, NY

Mileage for the day: 60
Total mileage to date: 443
I woke up nice and early in my lonely hotel room. I began riding with a smell in the air which reminded me of my home town - the romantic smell of the town's paper mill. The awful smell combined with the gloomy sky did not motivate me for the day. The first 40 miles were quite uneventful through the beautiful mountains of the Adirondacks. I was following a flowing river through the mountains, the sky poked through the clouds for a brief moment before the rain started. The last 2 1/2 hours of the ride were needless to say very cold and very wet. I rolled into the small town of Long Lake, NY like a drenched puppy searching for refuge. I spotted a small church and thought I would stop in to seek help. The lights were on and the door was unlocked but no one was inside. I helped myself in, changed into dry clothes and waited until someone walked to to ask if I could stay in the church over night as camping was not a great option. Chris, the pastor of the church, walked in and he quickly offered a place for me to sleep in his house next door with his family. I joined their family and their visiting parents for dinner, some Wii games and had my very own bedroom. Tomorrow's 72 miles in the rain does not excite me, but I must hop on the saddle and ride into the rain.


  1. Brook--I just have to say you are quite an inspiration! What a gutsy, adventurous, trusting soul you are! I got news of your trip and blog through the O & M listserve (I'm a COMS in Ogden, Ut) and I am riveted. It also reminds me of a similar trip my brother took--cross country on a bike from NYC to the west coast way back in the 70s. I'm forwarding this blog to him. He will love it and reminisce much, I suppose. I wish you could feel my very strong support and compassion for you, for I know this is not easy and will test your mettle probably like little else ever has. Keep on keepin' on!

  2. Hey Brooke! We are all here at the Red Barn Retreat with your Mom! We are all enjoying your trip vicariously through you! Your mom thinks the church was a great plan and you could use that again if you needed. We are all praying for your safety, clear skies and endurance to carry you on! Love all the Birds of a Feather!

  3. Penny and Birds of a Feather - I don't know how I can say thank you or reach you, but I feel your thoughts and prayers and it is so much appreciated! You have no idea how much these notes mean to me and keeps me strong when I want to give up! Much love to you all!

  4. Queenie,

    Don't let the bad days get you down. The perspective will change in the rear view mirror, and they make the good days stand out and make them that much more enjoyable. I'm sending you all the warmth I can gather,


  5. least you aren't being chased by alligators with machetes and pepper spray while riding through quicksand in the middle of a desert. Glad to hear you are still a champ, Brook, and keep on trekkin'. You are my hero!