Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 6 - Thetford Center to Middlebury, VT

Mileage of the day: 66
Total mileage to date: 358
Another amazing cycling day! Great weather, great traffic and only some wind towards the end of the day. I left Dave and Jennifer early in the morning and faced yet another frigid morning. Thankfully my day began with some steep climbs to warm me up. I wanted to note my favorite noises so far on the journey include the songs of the frogs - I pretend they are cheering me up the hills. I also named the bike I am riding (which is actually Nicole's bike) the other day. Since this is a new bike to me I have accidentally crossed chained (which is bad for the bike) a couple of times and have apologized to the bike saying "sorry," so naturally I said sorry Charlie at one point and his name was created. The brand name of the trailer is called the "Bob". So for those of you who think I am going at this alone, never fear because Charlie and Bob are with me every step (or should I say petal) of the way. After I took a nap in the sun during my lunch break I had some more hills to climb, I told myself to ride for one hour and then I can take a break. At the one hour mark there was a couch sitting on the side of this random rural road so I kicked back and took a 10 minute break on the conveniently located couch! My legs were getting upset with me as I approached the summit of the steepest hill I have ever climbed (15% grade at some points) so my new friends JoAnne and Kirt gave me a 3 miles boost to the top. I had the most magical 12 mile decent through the Green Mountains. As I approached my destination two cyclists joined me who were out riding for the day and escorted me the 4 miles into town. Once into town they gave me a brief tour and showed me all of the places I needed. I wish I had an escort in each town - they were great! I met my host Aviva (from couchsurfing) at her dorm and we headed for the dining hall for a free yummy dinner. After a lovely dinner with Aviva and her friends I went into town to just make it for the opening night of the college musical, "Bare." I stayed awake for the whole show which proves the entertainment quality of the production. I went out for a glass of wine with my friend Alex who I met through couch surfing who invited me to the show. I fell asleep quickly on the floor of Aviva's dorm room. Another great day!

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  1. Hey Brook, Glad to see that you had a good stay in Middlebury. Soon you will wish to see mountains like that again.