Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 10 - Booneville to Pulaski, NY

Mileage of the day: 48
Total mileage to date: 565
My host Dan was kind enough to wake up at 5:45 with me and he even rode the first mile with me at 7:00am. I woke up early to beat the rain that was supposed to come down around noon time. I must be tight with mother nature because the rain held off until my arrival and I had my first day of MAJOR tail winds! It took me 4 hours to go the 48 miles - it was a sweet ride. As soon as I arrived the winds picked up in a major way and the rain started comin down. After enjoying a leisurely 3 hour lunch at the local diner my new 90 year old friend Bob apporached me as I was leaving the diner. I left the diner to head to the post office when I took a wrong turn. Bob was waiting at the top of the hill to help redirect me to the post office. After the post office I went next door to the library to hop on the internet and Bob is right there escorting me into the building. He asked if I had a place to stay and he offered up his house if I wanted. The incredibly social being that Bob is introduced me to all of the wonderful ladies working at the library. Within 30 minutes the ladies invited me to a community dinner and one of the ladies is even picking me up so I don't have to bike in the rain. I am staying at a hotel in town that has been donated by the Pulaski, NY Lions Club.  I went to the nutrition class which was serving a yummy vegetarian dinner and Esther took me back to my hotel afterwards.  A great day with some incredibly generous people! 


  1. Hi Brook-
    You sure seem to be blessed out there, but I'm not surprised that you attract good people!
    I'm so happy to hear it's going well.
    See you in Illinois!

  2. Brook -

    glad you have made it out of the rain and eastern mountains. I know you will get tired of flat, too, but there will be more mountains to fix that.

    Also glad you are finding out that easterners ARE warm and open people, contrary to stereotype!

    I love the game you and Hil play, I hope it is OK if I steal it and use it myself!

    keep pedaling and ENJOY the cool weather.


  3. Sal - the "at least" game is tons of fun and I hope everyone will use it!