Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 7 - Middlebury, VT - Ticonderoga, NY

Mileage for the day: 25
Total mileage to date: 383
Today was supposed to be a break day with a short 20 mile ride, but it turned out a little different than planned. Today I went with my host Aviva to the college diner for a free breakfast, iced my knees, completed some boring emails and made some future bike plans. After I ate my last free meal at the Middlebury College I took off for NY with my friend. We rode about 10 miles and then he turned back for Middlebury and I continued towards NY. I was six miles away from the ferry to cross over Champlain Lake and learned the ferry is closed until May. This means I had a 25 mile reroute, except it was 3:00pm. I found a friend who gave me a boost then I hopped back on the bike just in time to ride across a gorgeous bridge which brought me to the great Empire State (NY). I arrived in Ticonderoga by 6:00pm and stayed in my first hotel and it was quite the dump.

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