Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 16 - Cleveland to Vermilion, OH

Total mileage of the day: 40
Total mileage to date: 743
Today I rode an easy 40 miles in the hottest day yet (80 degrees) on my trip - the sun and warmth was so nice! It was also the most urban stretch to date as I left from Cleveland. The good news my knee and Achilles tendon are both improving! The cycling was uneventful and fairly easy with the flats. I arrived in Vermilion, OH around 4:00 and I met my wonderful host family and had an awesome evening! Sam, the father of the household was a doctor and an amateur bike mechanic. As I sat lounging in the sun on the back porch icing my knees, he was in the garage giving Charlie the bike some TLC and a great tune! We had a wonderful Asian style cookout with delicious wine and beer. We also played a fun family game of banana grams (fast pace scrabble). After all of the evening activities Sam, Rachel and Mike went to downtown Vermilion to enjoy an evening drink. Mary, Taylor and Sue were also tons of fun at dinner! All in all a wonderful day!

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