Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 3 - Damriascotta to Norway, ME

Mileage for the day: 44
Total mileage to date: 171
I first want to say thank you for all of the comments, phone calls and emails from those showing their support and I am sorry I can't respond to each one of them personally! It was an eventful day to say the least! I got an early start to my intended 80 mile day but the wind quickly knocked down my spirit. At one point someone told me the winds were charted today at 40 mph. I took the maps suggested short cut in the middle of the day and ended up doing a loop back where I began the short cut, but luckily my new friend Lance gave me a lift and an additional 5 mile bonus to boost my spirits. I took a long leisurely lunch before battling the winds again. Later water began falling around me, but this was not from the sky, instead a helicopter desperate to control a very recent forest fire fueled by the chaotic winds. I rode through a terrible scene of firefighters, ambulances and police cars in an awkward stooper as I was merely recreating while they bustled about resolving this tragic event. Only 5 miles later did I find a major car accident and I again had to ride through in a nearly apologetic manner. 5:30 rolled around and it was time to find a friend with a truck. Ken swooped me up and took me the remaining 25 miles to my hosts house. Ian, Tegan, Trish, Tom and Natalie from couchsurfing are taking excellent care of me and I am loving the energy from this interesting and fun loving family! We will see what tomorrow's day shall bring. My bum is feeling less sore, knee and Achilles tendon are also flaring down.
Til tomorrow....


  1. Keep peddling.

    -- your over zealous digital bicyclist friend

  2. Flashback......hardcore headwinds......middle of indian reservation.......couldn't control laughter..........couldn't control bike either, really.......... Way to stick it out, Brook!

  3. Ha thanks Hil - it reminded me of the game we can up with. At least we are not...swimming in poop...getting attacked by killer dogs...etc. It was a tough day but I pulled through