Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 20 - Wabash, IN to Pontiac, IL

Total miles on a bike: 0

Total miles in a car: lots!

I woke up early in my posh hotel room and had an early hearty breakfast with great intentions of getting out and riding. By 9:00 I rolled my bike through the lobby to look through the doors to see pouring wind and rain with the possibility of afternoon thunder and lightening. I walked back to my hotel room and revised my plan for the day. My good friends from Ski For Light, Doug and Lynda, happened to be on a road trip in my general direction and picked me up for a great ride to Pontiac, IL. We had a blast in the car catching up and sharing stories. We arrived to Pontiac and found a hotel for the evening. We enjoyed the local mexican fare and had a relaxing evening in the hotel. I love meeting new friends along my trip, but there is something huge to be said for meeting up with friends. I am so thankful for both Doug and Lynda - the dinner and hotel room was nice, but their company was the best treat of all!

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