Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 14 - Lockport to Buffalo, NY

Mileage for the day: 40
Total mileage to date: 703
I had the laziest morning to date on the trip and it felt great! (although I probably needed it considering I had a few drinks the night before - hehe) I rolled out by 12:30 to head for Canada. It was a relief to be riding faster than 7 mph, although I became quickly frustrated with myself as I got lost several times. I crossed the border and the officials didn't even look at my passport (good thing b/c it looks bloody from the beet juice). The vehicles have to pay $1.50, but when I pulled up on my bicycle the booth operator looked at me bewildered and yelled to the next booth over, "What do we charge cyclists?" He told me I owed 50 cents and I told him I would have to dig it up. He said to me, "Never mind, just go on through." I yelled thanks as I pedaled away. I got lost several more times as I had rode through the hugely touristy Niagara Falls area where everyone was equally confused and lost. I finally saw the gem just in time for me to cross back over the border. One of the saddest parts of my day was I lost one arm warmer, they are hard to find and especially ones that look like cool fake tatoos! I arrived at my couch surfing host's (Ben) house and we walked to the most delicious New Orleans vegetarian dinner from this tiny little food shack. Later, several of Ben's friends came over for fire, s'mores, great conversation and beverages. I was overall impressed with Buffalo - there are some really neat parts to the town and everyone was super interesting!


  1. Lazy is good!! Don't push too hard. Still trying to send you warm calm weather...


  2. Yeah Brook! I am so exited for you! wish i was on such a slpended journey! Good travels and i will be following ya!