Saturday, May 23, 2009

The New Characters

I have two temporary bike partners to introduce:

My BFF Nicole and her friend Gretchen left on Thursday, May 22 from Fort Collins to drive to the west side of Glacier National Park. They dropped their car and grabbed their bikes and bob trailers. They began hitchhiking on Friday and had to stop for the night to avoid hitchhiking at night. I will continue to ride west as per normal today as they will hitchhike east until we meet in the middle. We will then as a group of three continue biking over the next 7 days to bike back to their car. Once we arrive to their car, I will continue west and they will head back to Colorado. I am so very much looking forward to some cycling companions. At the same time it will be an adjustment to have travel partners because for 42 days I have called all of the shots and now I will have to communicate and compromise with two other people.

Once we meet I will step off Charlie and let Nicole ride her bike (the proper owner) and I will jump on my Kona Dawg Deluxe. The Dawg sadly will not ride as smoothly as Charlie because it is a mountain bike, but hopefully the three of us will move at a similar pace since in theory my bike will slow me down but I will probably be in better bike shape.

Introduction of the characters:
Nicole: 36 years old, owner of Charlie the bike, has biked across America and completed several other bike tours, we have been on a couple of bike trips together, we fight and love each other like sisters, we bring a lot of attention to ourselves because when we get together we egg each other on. If I had grown up with Nicole we would have gotten into some serious trouble with each other. Nicole and I travel similarly and believe in the magic of bike touring and have faith in that thing work themselves out in the end.

Gretchen: 22 years old, I do not know anything about her as I have never met her. Traveling via a bicycle I will discover VERY quickly if we are compatible travel mates.

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