Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 33 - Malmo to Sandy Lake, MN

Miles biked for the day: 56
Total miles to date: 1671
Bad weather with clouds and rain in the morning lends for a great excuse for a lazy start to the day. I faced an extremely windy day, luckily the wind was at my back for most of the day. I made it to the town of Aitkin by early afternoon and leisurely enjoyed my time at the library and talking with some of the locals. I lingered so long the newspaper heard wind of my presence and came down with their camera, pad and paper for quick interview. This made the fourth small town newspaper interview so far on the trip. I find what I am doing very manageable and not too unbelievable because I just take one day at a time. Hundreds of people make this type of journey every single year. I suppose because I am trekking solo and female this makes for newsworthy material.
I arrived to my overpriced campsite ($30/night) by 5:30 and enjoyed traveling 56 miles with little effort. The sun even paid a respectable visit today. I have decided since on this trip that I must choose a place to live with a significant amount of sunshine. The days and moments I think back on that seem to make the trip impossible or miserable include the days filled with clouds and rain. When I arrived to the campground and met some fellow RV campers, they informed me that the owner of the campground takes Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. Without registering I set up camp and hoped that I would take off in the morning before the owner arrived to avoid the steep $30 camping fee. I then learned they did not have potable water - thankfully a generous RVer gave me a box full of bottled water.


  1. $30 and no potable water? That's highway robbery! I hope you got away free!