Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 32 - Shoreview to Malmo, MN

Miles biked for the day: 75
Total miles to date: 1615
I started my morning with a hearty oatmeal breakfast as Marsha and John pointed out their beautiful wood ducks in their front yard. These birds are gorgeous animals! I packed up with lots of food in tow and left John and Marsha's beautiful lake front house in a car ride to Stark. Since I biked 10 miles off route to visit these two and took a rest day, I needed a 50 mile boost in order to stay on track. Marsha dropped me off and she waved me off as I flew into some fun tailwinds! My body needed the rest day and I felt strong with so much healthy food and rest.
I started my ride at 9:00 and accomplished the 75 miles by 3:00! I landed at a "resort" called Castaways near Malmo, MN and rented a "glorified fish house" for the evening. I am only sorry I did not take a photo of this glorious rental - I would have much preferred my tent over this lame excuse for a cabin but I used my better judgement as the major thunderstorm brewed above my head. I thought I would spend my afternoon hours at the bar next to my abode for the evening and quickly lost interest when I met most of the folks in the bar. Drinking my water with lemon I watched these men quickly go from sober and friendly to drunk and annoying. Castaways was a trailer park/RV park/campground and it was opening weekend for fishing. Since the day brought bountiful winds, the fishermen opted for an indoor afternoon as opposed to fishing. One of my most uninteresting, uneventful and boring evenings to date - I guess they cannot all be wonderful.
I forgot to mention that several days ago while hanging around the local bike shop the owner brought out a huge box of recently unsaleable expired Cliff Bars and told me to have at them. Another great score!


  1. Brook
    Still raining here in IL. Corn planting will be more than a month late. Congratulations on recieving the Clif bars. Great taste, great carbs. I am biking indoors on my outdoor bike with a rear wheel trainer attached. I ride anywhere from 1/2 hr to 1 1/2 hr (20 miles). The times and miles work out the same when riding on the road. I watch TV in the morning while on the bike.
    Bike safe.

  2. Random story: I was at my parents' condo at the lake with the fam and dog. It was a warm day and the sliding door was open for us to walk in and out of freely. So I thought I would install the sliding screen door for the summer. Then Stella, our dog, totally walked straight into the screen door. She totally pulled a Brook!