Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 31 - Stillwater to Shoreview, MN

Miles biked today: 10

Total mileage to date: 1540

With a much deserved rest day I made my way to Stillwater's downtown for a diner breakfast. At mile 4 a man in a red pick up truck had pulled off the side of the road and stood looking into the field with his binoculars. He waved me down and I stopped to look at the attraction. A slew of wild turkeys were grazing in the field. After a brief conversation, it turns out he has lived in Telluride, Houston, Breckenridge and was driving from Colorado to Stillwater to tend to a friend with cancer. This short interaction helped remind me to pick up my head when biking and look at the surroundings.

I cruised an easy 10 miles west where I met my friend Marsha from Ski For Light. She picked me up and gave me a lovely tour of some beautiful lakes and drove me downtown St. Paul to a fantastic outdoor shop, Midwest Mountaineers. I was in heaven to finally find an outdoor gear shop with quality clothes and equipment. It brought such relief to purchase a new pair of rain pants since I had ripped mine in my fall several days ago. We then went to a beautiful grocery store and again I thought I was in heaven with mounds of fresh fruits and veggies and tons of healthy choices!

We made it to her house and while waiting for John (her hubby) to arrive from work for a leisurely bike ride near a lake I fell hard asleep and took a long nap! Shortly after my snooze I pitched in and helped with some of the dinner prep as our dinner guests would be arriving shortly. It was a lovely dinner party, 3 couples, myself, two children and 1 dog. I found remembering the male attendee's names easy to remember considering they were all named John. John Klemeseski from Ski For Light joined us with is wife Sheryl. John and Marsha's daughter, Sandra, and son in law John also joined us for dinner. We filled the night with fantastic conversation, wholesome yummy food, and I even ate homemade rhubarb pie for the first time.

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  1. Munchkin, I did not know the Mississippi River would be as big as you descibed it that far up north. Sounds like the knee is holding up. Yes, the Mandolin picture was quite funny, since we never gave you any musical experience. I like Lynn's suggestion. Just a quick call to Me with a license plate number, vehicle description and name is a great idea. See there is others who are concerned about your safety. A person giving you a ride should not be offended for passing on such information. I know, I can hear you saying, "Dad I'm safe enough, I can handle it".
    Don't forget to read the Observer article, It's pretty nice article. 5/11/09 by Daddio Delete

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