Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 22 - Wenona to Bradford, IL

Total miles for the day: 47
Total miles to date: 1027
(I have updated day 21 on Friday night at 11:00, if you already read this go back b/c the story picks up from there). Just when I thought I had seen the last of Lynn, as I awake and step out of my tent, he pulls up in his car and says, "I thought you might enjoy a hot breakfast since it is a chilly morning." I oblige and head to town for some breakfast. As we order our breakfast at 6:15am a fellow customer next to us in this bar/restaurant establishment orders a shot of whiskey and a pint of beer with ice cubes. I suppose he potentially just got off work, but it sure did strike me strange.
After breakfast, I pushed off by 7:30am and had 2 hours to make 20 miles to meet my next appointment and that really was the last I saw of Lynn and I am grateful for his hospitality! I arrived to the hanger in Lacon by 9:30am as promised for my airplane ride. Ron, my host for the evening took me up in the air and showed me the bike route I would be taking from 1,000 feet in the air. He then let me take over the controls. The whole experience was quite unexpected and a huge rush. Before the completion of the ride, I made good use of the complimentary barf bags. I blame my father for my weak stomach! I had another 30 miles to ride to reach Ron's house so he took Bob and my bag. Riding without pulling gear felt liberating, although a very small part of me missed my companion.
Holly, a good friend from Ski For Light, completed her first ever triathlon that morning in Champaign and on her way back to her home north of Chicago she drove 2 hours out of her way to visit me. We had a lovely 3 hour chat in the city park and ice cream shop of Bradford.
Dinner time rolled around and Holly departed as my dinner party arrived. My host Ron, his wife (also named Holly), Dale, Lance (from the local Lion's club) and Amy (from the local newspaper) had a lovely dinner at the town's only restaurant. Upon arriving at Ron and Holly's house, Holly showed me her craft room (which is as big as a craft store) and helped me make a card for a special person. I must rest my bones now - my day tomorrow in the windless sunny day will either consist of 30 or 80 miles. Stay tuned to hear the adventures of tomorrow.


  1. Keep up the good work. Knowing a grad student can make time to do this gives me hope for the coming years! Looking forward to more writing, and I'll keep following your blog. Good luck!