Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 45 - Harlem to Havre, MT

Miles for the day: 47
Total miles to date: 2314

In the morning we lounged around the lobby of the Sherrif's office, made our oatmeal breakfast and departed by 10:15am.

We arrived to Havre by 4:00 and I had been in contact with Roger (the owner of the bike shop in Havre) all day about the potential of Roger repairing my gears. Nicole brought my mountain bike from Colorado for me to use on the trip and she had paid $50 for a tune up before she left. My gears were slipping and since I have no mechanical skills I had an extremely frustrating two days on a bike that was not properly tuned. I asked Roger for help his shop was closed due to memorial day, but when we got into town he drove down to the shop to help me fix my bike. He did not even charge me for the bike repair. We learned that weekend he had a heartbreak of a day with a girl so we cheered him up by taking him for a bike ride around town and treated him to some ice cream. In the picture above Nicole really did reach out and pinch Roger on the bum. An important tool on a bike trip is the odometer which is read with a magnet on the spoke of the front wheel. I had all of the parts but in transport the magnet went missing. Roger made my day when he found a solo magnet hanging around and my odometer now functioned. It was frustrating to have biked 110 miles and to look down and read that I have traveled 0 miles at 0 mph. I cannot imagine doing the trip without an odometer.
Our hosts for the evening, Mike and Pat, were contacted from a previous CS friend. Mike is a pastor at the Luthern Church in town. These two fed us dinner, gave us a MUCH needed shower, and some nice warm beds. Tired from the day we turned in early.

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