Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 24 - Cambridge, IL to Muscatine, IA

Mileage of the day: 58
Total mileage of the trip: 1122
I would like to apologize to my audience as the day did not bring much interesting news, scenery or happenings. As I began my pedal strokes of the day I took joy in the lack of wind. When I looked across the vast flat lands of western Illinois I saw the windmills dead in their tracks. I felt sadness for these powerhouse machines for their nonproductive day. I only allowed myself a moment of sadness before I continued flying through the day with no wind to contend with. I crossed the Mississippi River to enter Iowa.
My words cannot possibly begin to describe how much the people enjoy helping me through my journey. These two quick stories might help demonstrate.
The apple: I was craving an apple and I pulled into a convenience store in a small town and asked the clerk if fruit was available. She said, "No sweetie, but I brought an apple for my lunch and I would love for you to have it!" I could not fight with her long and accepted the apple graciously. I sat outside on the curb enjoying my crispy snack and three different men walked into the store and asked me, "Can I buy you a Gatorade, or anything?"
The duct tape: I needed some duct tape to repair a minor part on my bicycle and I asked random folks as they walked into Walgreens if they might have some in their car. One man, named Bill, checked in his car and came up with nothing. He wanted so desperately to help me, he offered to buy a roll and I could have as much of it as I needed. I felt terrible when I told me I had come up with a different solution and I did not need the tape any longer. He lingered in an almost pleading way to provide any assistance. Before he went into the store he said, "I have grand kids, and if they were on a bike trip I would hope people would take care of them, are you sure there is nothing I can do to help you?" It broke my heart to tell Bill I was 100% taken care of and I needed nothing.
I arrived to my host's, Nicole from couchsurfing, by 5:00ish and after tending to all of my needs we went downtown and had some fabulous Thai food! We also hung out with her family as they only lived one block away. It was a lovely evening and I had a great time getting to know Nicole and her family.


  1. Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

    Welcome back to the West!!!

  2. Munchkin, Great, not only have you jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, you now got back in one and flew it. Am I surprised? One of the girls at my office said " and here I thought it would be a boring trip". And now a motorcycle, and the mind's of your Mom and Dad keeps being tested. Good move on checking in with the Police for the camp out. Way to go Mayor, protecting the unlocked bike. I agree with Grasshopper, at least you have some type of protection. See, a male biker has suggested some type of protection. Good for man or beast. Thank you fellow biker. But wait, let me guess, you will probably put the mace in your Bob bag. I bet that was fun riding without Bob. I'm glad you have had some car/truck time to help the knee problem, but put the thump away, the total strangers on the road still bothers me. I can still remember your college soccer days, ice packs after every game and practice. I'm hoping the good side of people keep coming through for my little girl. Lov ya, Dad

  3. Munchkin, I'm glad you found a host that could tune up Charlie. And now you have worked with little horses. Is'nt it amazing how tough thier hooves are? I hope the knee improves. Keep on treckin. I think that's the right way to say that. Lov ya, Daddy

  4. Munchkin, That's great to finally get a tail wind. I hope that will help the knees. I'm glad to hear there is the kindness from other Bob's out there. I'm glad you got those new rain pants. Just to rest your mind, last night, Mom ask Willie "where is Brook?" He perked his ears up. So he was thinking of you. Have a sunshine day. Lov ya, Daddy