Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 28 - Lansing, IA to Winona, MN

Total miles biked today: 72

Total mileage to date: 1415

I took off early to avoid the predicted afternoon rain. The miles flew by with mostly flats and no significant wind. A cyclist joined me for several miles and provided some good company and he gave me some great advice. I crossed into Minnesota today!
I arrived to Winona by 3:00 and my dear friend Angee arranged for a hotel room for me since a storm blew in. After relaxing for a bit at the hotel room, I biked downtown for my massage appointment. Roger gave me the best massage in my life! I asked for a 60 minute massage, but he gave me a 90 minute massage. When I went to pay him he said, "I want this to be your gift, keep your money. You are a traveler, save your resources for something else." I nearly started crying and gave him a big hug to show my gratitude.
After my massage I went to Acoustic Cafe for dinner and some live music by a local college band. It was such a neat environment with tons of positive and live energy with people of all ages. I have an affinity towards college towns. After the music I grabbed my bike and had to ride two miles back to the hotel in a downpour. The massage, food and music was well worth a wet two mile ride.
The worst part of the evening came when I found out that I had accidently stood up my couchsurfing host. This is the worst mistake as a couchsurfer I could have made. I made a mistake somehow and did not have him written in my schedule. I felt awful, but mistakes happen.

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