Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 41 - Culbertson to Wolf Point, MT

Total miles for the day: 60

Total miles to date: 2098

Jonathan and I woke up in the church and we walked to the motel to meet Margret and Barry for breakfast. We enjoyed our last minutes together before we went our separate ways. Not much to speak about for the 60 miles. First 20 nearly no wind, next 10 some cross winds and the last 30 some fairly significant head/crosswinds. I did have a wild wolf cross my path in the afternoon.

Quick funny story: I convinced myself to stay super hydrated on the ride and drank more water than normal. This of course causes the frequent need to urinate. Currently I am riding in the middle of no where Montana with 20 miles between towns. I frequently drop trow on the side of the road in a ditch, behind trees or wait until I see no traffic coming in either direction. On this particular road I experienced very heavy traffic, flat lands and no trees to speak of. I saw this sign and thought I could crouch behind it. I noticed only when I finished taking care of business and went back to my bike what the sign says, "You Can't Hide From God." The sign I am sure had validity, God probably saw what I did, but at least the truckers and all of the drivers did not see me squatting on the side of the road.

With great relief I arrived to the town of Wolf Point. I saw a truck in a turn lane and I caught the driver starring at me. I looked a little harder and realized it was JJ my host for the evening. He happened to be driving through town so he threw my gear in the truck and dropped me off at the library. His mom invited me over for a home cooked dinner. We got on our bikes and rode to his mom's house. I met more of JJ's family members just in time for his mom to serve us dinner and she hit the town for some casino and bingo action. I felt disappointed not to even eat dinner with her because she seemed like a neat person who raised a great son! I went to bed early this night because the night before I only got a few hours rest.

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