Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 25 - Muscatine to Cascade, IA

Total miles biked today: 79
Total mileage to date: 1201
The rolling hills have brought some change of scneary such as the adorable flower bed pictured. Nothing significant happened during my bike ride, although I would like to comment that Iowa surprisingly has some significant hills! I arrived to my destination city and set my tent up in the pavilion with the local police permission. I had luck on my side because (it is tough to see in the photo) my tent situated between the nicest restaurant in town and the ball park. When I use the word "nicest" in the Midwest, it only means a slight improvement from the bar food or pizza parlor in their downtown. I made my way over for dinner and met a handful of friendly folks as I ate my dinner in the bar area. Two gentleman even offered to purchase my breakfast for the following morning. After my yummy seafood dinner, I walked back to the pavilion to watch the final 30 minutes of the amateur baseball game. It was a rough night of sleeping with hailing winds and rain pounding on the steel roof above my tent.

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