Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mid Point Fun Facts

Total miles traveled from Bar Harbor, ME to Grand Rapids, MN: 2271
Total miles biked: 1715
Total non-biked miles: 556
Average miles biked per day (of the biking days): 57

Lodging facilities:
Couchsurfing hosts: 17
Hotels: 6
Camping: 4
Ski For Light hosts: 3
Misc. hosts: 3
Cabin: 1

Sleeping arrangements:
Beds: 21
Thermarest (camp sleeping pad): 5
Couches: 5
RV: 1
Blow up mattresses: 2

Average speed for the 1715 miles: 9.6mph

States I have biked through: 11 (although I only skirted Wisconson - but we can count it!)

Fastest speed: 43mph

Most miles in one day: 94

Most dead animals seen in one day: 12

Vehicles I have past: 2 (1 lawn mower and 1 postal mail delivery car)

Gear I have gone through or replaced:
2 pair of rain pants (1 worn out, 1 ripped)
1 rain jacket (worn out)
1 helmet (left mine behind in a hotel - oops)
1 pair of arm warmers (lost to the winds in the bed of a truck)


  1. You mentioned Grand rapids MN, and it reminded me that i have a friend who lives in Park Rapids MN. If you end up near there and need a place to stay, i can call and see what he thinks. He's stayed in my home before, and i trust he'd be a respectful host. This is NY Dan, from boonville. From grand rapids that's 116 miles, mostly west ( a touch of south) You know how to get in touch with me if necessary. Jut thought i'd throw it out there.

  2. How can you leave behind a helmet? When you get on the bike, don't you wear a helmet!?!? Tsk, tsk, tsk......bad, Brookie, bad.

    Nonetheless, you'll have a legitimate reason why you left behind a such crucial gear, I'm sure of it.

    Keep on biking on, buddy!

  3. My legitimate reason is I left a hotel in a car with Doug and Linda and rode 140 miles in their car. I typically don't wear a helmet in the car and I just simply left it behind in the lobby. How is that for a reason?