Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 54 - Rexford to Libby Dam, MT

Miles biked for the day: 46
Total mileage to date: 2723

Donna made us a huge breakfast with veggies from her garden and fresh carrot/apple juice. I told my hosts that I only had until 1:00pm to play around and then I needed to hit the road. Greg and I took off on a motorcycle ride up a mountain pass. We made it to the top and hopped off of our bikes for a sit and took in the peaceful and serene mountains. As Greg and I sat on the top of this mountain with the sun beaming down, blue skies above us, and sounds of nature all around us he said, "This is where I find my spirituality." As I mentioned before in a previous posting when I approached the mountains of Glacier National Park I felt like I was coming home, not because I had ever been to those mountains before, but because I also find my spirituality in the mountains and it always feels like home.

When we returned to the house Donna made us homemade pizzas with even more veggies from her garden. I was spoiled with organic food and 3 great meals cooked for me during my stay with these two. I loaded Charlie and Bob into their truck and we took off for our next adventure. They took me down the Koocanusa River on their pontoon boat. We even crossed into Canada (you can see this on the photos where there is a strip of land without trees) on the water. With the completion of the boat ride we loaded up in the truck again and they dropped me to my desired location. My 1:00pm start time turned into 3:30pm start time, but it was all worth it! I biked a 45 mile, hilly stretch along side the Koocanusa. I was actually thankful for such a late start because the temperatures reached nearly 90 degrees but the cliffs and trees to my right shaded me from the rays.

I arrived to my campsite by 8:15pm and sadly learned that the only option for camping was a primitive site with no running water or showers (but at least it was free!). Thankfully the campsite was on the river because I was able to boil water for drinking as I had run out. The 45 mile desolate stretch offered no services or residences of any kind. During my 4 hour ride only 4 cars passed me. The highlight of my evening was I made fresh popcorn on my camping stove. I am just now getting the hang of my new stove and felt like making popcorn was a milestone. Before I went to bed I talked with a fellow camper and he scared me quite a bit because he told me about the prevalence of black bears in the area. The conversation made for an uneasy start to my slumber.

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