Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 53 - Fortine to Rexford, MT

Miles for the day: 42
Total miles to date: 2677

Greg and Linda cooked me a hearty breakfast with the best hash browns I have had yet on this whole trip! I pushed off with a late start and arrived to the town of Eureka where I spent several hours at the library and health food store.

I biked the remaining 30 miles with little to report except continually jaw dropping scenery. I arrived to my couchsurfing host's, Donna and Jeff, house by early evening. Shortly after I arrived the hockey game started and they informed me that all things are put on hold during the Stanley cup and the game is on. This gave me a great opportunity to lounge in the hammock out back and soak in more vitamin D. They live on 18 acres near the Koocanusa Reservoir which is a gorgeous 100 mile body of water lined with cliffs and rolling hills on either side. Their house sits 1.5 miles from the Canadian border. They have a beautiful garden and a chicken coop that produces more than 18 eggs on a daily basis.

After the hockey game we ate a lovely dinner with a huge salad and homemade asparagus soup with veggies from the garden. Nearly every night Donna and Jeff complete their 1/2 mile archery course which they built on their property. They took me along showed me how to shoot . By target 20 out of 24 I finally hit the target as seen in the photo. We made it back to the house and had a fun evening of chatting into the late hours.

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  1. Munchkin, Good 40 yatrd shot. Be careful in the quiet part of Montana. Lov Ya, Dad